An introduction to our bracelets with Wesson & Co

December 30, 2015

An introduction to our bracelets with Wesson & Co

Wesson & Co. & Anchor Bracelets

Anchor Bracelets & Stone Bracelets are making a huge comeback in fashion, and with an increasing number of celebs wearing more anchor bracelets than a pirate, this trend is here to stay. Ever since fashion insiders started wearing leather and stone and anchor bracelets a few years ago, accessories for both men and women took a new turn. Thanks to the wide variety of hues and material available today, everyone can find a bracelet that suits their style. Think of it like this – you have got your best outfit on, you are wearing a classy watch, and you have taken care of all the little things – all that’s left to throw a bit of colour and fun in this mix is a stylish anchor or stone bracelet.

Wesson & Co Bracelets


Anchor Bracelets are an expression of your style and personality; a luxurious accessory that ties your outfit together and broadcasts an air of confidence and contemporary fashion. Depending on your mood or the occasion, you may choose from a traditional bracelet made with natural fibres and showing off bright colours, or you may want to adopt a more elegant, high-class approach with a hook bracelet, onyx stone or lion stone bracelet, or Buddha and skull style of bracelet. Colour coordinating your anchor bracelets or going for neutral colours like black and brown will go equally well with your outfit. At the end of the day, your mood – open to fun indicated by bright colours, or swanky and chic reflected by stone construction with solid colours and patterns – will dictate what you wear and how others perceive it.

Onyx Stone Bracelets:
You may have heard the name “Onyx” being thrown around a lot when it comes to jewellery and accessories, but what really is it? Onyx is a stone belonging to the rock crystal family more commonly known as quartz – yes, that’s the same quartz that’s known for being hard and durable and is used as the base for carvings and more. Onyx is available in a variety of natural shades, depending on the area where it is mined and environmental factors. This includes black, white, blue, grey, or yellow. Some samples may have more than one colour, or show a band of different colours. Some of the rare shades found in onyx include pink, violet, and brown. The stone has also been found in red and white in different areas of the world.

This stone was used for centuries by the Greeks and Romans in order to promote physical and mental well-being. Onyx was known for helping its wearers relax by eliminating negative emotions and exhaustion. It was also used by athletes to increase strength and endurance. Due to its durability and long-lasting nature, onyx has been used as a hard stone for carving and making pottery. If there is one stone that promises a lifelong match, it is onyx.
Wesson & Co Bracelets

Current Trends:
If you keep up with fashion, you already know the return towards naturally styled products as accessories. It is natural to be drawn to materials that aren't artificial or overly processed and feel strange on your skin. One of the greatest ways to stay organic with your wrist bracelets is by going for onyx or other varieties of natural stones. These stones are not only hard enough to tolerate being carved into several styles, but they can also be regularly polished for an added shine. It also goes without saying that the smooth feeling of a natural stone bracelet on your skin will go a long way in making you more comfortable. You also won’t have to worry about any allergies since there are no animal components in these bracelets.

Another popular trend in wrist style is lion stone bracelets. These bracelets are fashioned out of natural elements such as agate, howbeit and obsidian stones. They are available in solid colours and in attractive patterns such as the snowflake deign, alternating blacks and reds, and green or grey and white combinations. The bracelet is completed with an antique lions head for good luck and a lavish, eye-catching finish to a completely natural product.

Fashion insiders are also turning towards the traditional Tibetan Buddha and skull design. These bracelets represent the protection and positive energy of the Buddha, combined with a reminder of mortality that together represent impermanence. Mostly carved out of natural stone, these bracelets are available in dozens of colour combinations, and include multiple contemporary designs that project a fancy, extravagant look.

Wesson & Co Bracelets

The Golden Rules of Wearing a Bracelet:
The increasing trend of wrist wear is catching on around the world, and in order to stand out and maintain a dignified appearance, you should follow these rules:

  1. Stay conservative or embrace colour depending on the occasion. A bright orange bracelet is not the ideal match for a black tie dinner – stick to solid colours or natural patterns for more formal events.
  2. Heavier doesn't always mean good. High quality bracelets are now designed to be lightweight so that you aren't distracted by the weight on your wrist. Go for a modern, streamlined design.
  3. Natural materials will always be a better choice than synthetic leather or fabric. They will be able to stand the heat (or cold) without too much of a temperature variation. They also won’t fade in sunlight or irritate your skin, All our Wesson & Co Leather Bracelets are 100% Authentic Leather.
  4. Embrace variety and mix things up when you can. The Buddha & skull or lion stone bracelet styles are clear examples of how classic meets contemporary and stays trendy.
  5. If you are confused about wearing a bracelet with your watch, here are a couple of pointers:
    - Yes, you can wear your bracelet on the same hand as your watch.
    - Your bracelet should complement the watch; a large and heavy watch calls for a stylish similar bracelet, while delicate watches call for lightweight bracelets.

Our Promise:
Here at Wesson & Co, we strive to put the human element back into high end Jewellery Design. We promise unbiased, honest opinions that can help you decide what you want – without any obligations whatsoever. Our online store, powered by shopify, promises an intuitive design with easy navigation and you can sort products by price, brand, and other criteria.

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