A Valentine’s Day to remember for a long time to come..

Wesson & Co. Featured on our seventh and last day of our 'Seven days of Valentines Competition!' - JoyTheStore.com
silver anchor bracelet

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, Wesson & Co. and Joythestore.com have joined hands to make the celebrations of this day of love sweeter for our customers.
Both companies have organised a competition and we are giving away our iconic Wesson & Co red leather silver anchor bracelet to the winner of this competition. This competition has generated a lot of hype among fashion conscious men and women and we are participating in the competition in large numbers to win these stylish and beautiful gifts. 

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    Christmas and New Year parties may be over but the festivities continue for a few more days for all those who know how to get enjoyment from life. If you are an individual with lots of friends and take pride in being labelled as a fashionista by them, you need to keep replenishing yourwardrobe according to the season and the time of the year. Having a great sense of fashion, you also know the crucial role played by accessories in enhancing your personality during parties and in hangouts in front of friends.

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    Wesson & Co: Stylish and Timeless Fashion Accessories

    If you feel incomplete until you have worn fashion accessories as you get confidence only after putting them on, Wesson & Co presents itself as the ultimate source of timeless and wonderful fashion accessories for men and women. The fashion accessories sold by the company are not only visually appealing but also striking because of their minimal design. Wesson & Co has been helping fashionable men and women around the world to look great and feel confident by selling bracelets and fashion jewellery that is beautiful and visually arresting.

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