The understanding of Skull Bracelets & How To Wear

Skull Bracelets


Rocking the skull bracelets

In a not so recent past, the skull bracelets were used as symbol of death and mortality. Now, whether the skull bracelets represent mortality or not, one thing is for certain, the bracelets create a good fashion statement. Since time immemorial, people have used the skull bracelets to express their bold fashion sense.


Understanding the skull accessories

It is pivotal for you to understand the history and the meanings that have been associated with the skulls. In the different cultures, the skulls have been used to symbolize different things. There are those that believe that the skulls represent life and death while others state that the skulls are symbols that invoke fear and caution. In the Buddhist culture, the skulls were used for prayer.

Now, you see different people associate different meaning to the skulls, but that shouldn't stop you from expressing your bold fashions sense.


How to wear the skull bracelet

There are different types of bracelets that you can choose to wear. All you have to do is find one that appeals to you. You need to consider the size of the bracelet when you are buying them. Remember that the bracelets have been made with different materials that you can choose from including gold or silver. You may choose to buy the beaded skull bracelets that have been curved from wood. For those people who appreciate the fine things in life, the skulls gemstones are the perfect option for you. There are also leather bracelets that you can choose to buy.

For men, owning skull bracelet jewellery can be a great addition to your own personal style. Yes, every person has their own individual style of how they wear the bracelet. However, if you don’t have an idea of how you can wear the different skull bracelets, below are tips.

  • If you are not into large jewellery statements, then the simple bracelets will do it for you. You may choose to go for the band bracelets with a skull as the centre design.
  • For a more masculine appearance, the silver skulls bracelets are the perfect option for you. The silver colour is neutral and therefore it is flexible. You however need to pay attention to your personal style when it comes to the design of the bracelet.
  • The colour plays an important role. For men, the best option is the black skull bracelet.

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