Summer Styling Tips With Wesson & Co.

Anchor Bracelet
We here at Wesson & Co. have a motto: Minimal - Timeless - Style. We provide minimalist, timeless jewellery in all styles and colours. This summer, accessorise your favourite summer outfits with our vast collection of leather bracelets, anchor cuff bracelets, and the allured Twin Skull Bracelets. These bracelets are for both men and women, and make any summer outfit look effortlessly put together. To help you achieve that classic look, below we’ve listed a few styling tips to help you put an outfit together with your Wesson & Co. accessories.

Go Nautical

Nautical themed outfits and accessories are less a modern fad than a summertime perennial. This aesthetic is known for its simplicity, as well as its maritime theme. This summer add an anchor cuff bracelet to your outfit to make it seaworthy or accessorise it with a sea-themed outfit.
Men should try pairing a striped Breton top with a pair of white shorts. Add classic white tennis shoes and a pair of simple sunglasses for a daytime look. And don’t forget to pull it all together with your Wesson & Co. anchor cuff bracelet!
Women know that summer is the perfect time to bring out those beautiful, breezy sundresses. Choose your favourite maxi sundress and add a pair of flip-flops or wedge-heeled sandals below. Bring your outfit together with one of our anchor cuff bracelets to add just a hint of the nautical theme, without going overboard.
Cuff Bracelet

Live on the Wild Side        

As much as we love the sea, sometimes you just want your style to be a bit edgy. Whether that is the case, or whether you regularly style yourself in Gothic fashions, add one of our allured Twin Skull Bracelets to your outfit this summer. These bracelets just hint at your wild side, balancing it perfectly with delicate leather bands.
Both men and women can play with an all-black look here. Pair black skinny jeans with a black Henley and add Chuck Taylor on your feet. Have fun with the shoes: use them to add a pop of colour if you want. Accessorise your classic black outfit with Twin Skull Bracelet, in any colour that you think completes your outfit best. Personally, we think the gold bracelet with the black Nappa leather would add just a hint of class to this outfit.
However, you don’t have to go all-out punk to accessorise one of these bracelets just right. Ladies can also try pairing one with their go-to jeans and tank top or t-shirt as well. If you want to dress up a bit, coordinate your bracelet with a little black dress and a pair of sandals that match the colour of your bracelet. 
Men should try completing their outfit with a leather cuff bracelet. Classic and timelessly elegant, this piece can finish any outfit. We recommend putting together a pair of tan chinos with a blue and white plaid button down. Roll those sleeves up to relax the outfit, and adorn your wrist with our leather cuff bracelet in brown.  
Wesson & Co. leather accessories can help complete any summer outfit!
Twin Skull Bracelet