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The Right Bracelet for your Outfit

Every outfit, no matter how gorgeous or striking needs to be complemented with accessories to bring out its ultimate look. There is a wide array of possible accessories that you can pair with your dressings, but of course, each needs to suit before you can add it to your attire. Among the many accessories that you can choose are the bracelets. There are a great many styles and types of these artistic bands, such as bead bracelets and anchor bracelets, that you can wear on your wrist to add a twist to your outfit. However, there is a different mood and sense of each attire which calls for a specific style. Everything just doesn't go with everything. Here we describe a number of tips to pair your chic bracelets with different dressings to stand out among the crowd.

Match the context
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You need to figure out the code of your dressing. Is it formal, or are you going casual? This will help you decide which kind of bracelet will complement the occasion. Of course, bead bracelets are more of jewellery informal and fun wear, while anchor bracelets can work in a number of different situations. The same goes for other types of jewellery as well. The goal is to have all the different pieces of your outfit and accessories working in synchronous with one another to help boost your look to the utmost!

Compliment your skin tone
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We do remember to pair jewellery with what we wear, but we often forget to match it with our skin tone. Bracelets like any other jewellery need to enhance your skin rather than shift all the focus to themselves. For instance, dark reds and silvers work miraculously with fair toned skin, whereas gold looks great paired with matte skin and dark hair. You wouldn't realise it at first, but every bit of colour in your anchor bracelets or charms work their part in your ultimate appearance. Hence, paying attention to this aspect of jewellery is significant too.

Less is more

Although you may find that more jewellery helps your outfit, occasionally, the opposite is true more often. The rule is to choose the minimal jewellery that makes a statement. A simple, delicate bead bracelet paired with the right dress will make a bigger impact than lots of bracelets in one hand. Wearing more jewellery will show off that you have it, but won't do much for your persona. The right balance is critical indeed.

Coming to a close, all this goes to emphasise the importance of several aspects of jewellery. Pairing the right bracelet isn't as simple as just matching the colour. On the contrary, there are a lot of other things that you need to keep in mind to make the accessories work. A simple outfit can be magnificent just by adding the right anchor bracelet or the right bead bracelet, such is the power of stunning jewellery. Mixing and matching is an art and these tips will definitely help you make the right decisions for sure!