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The Guide to Perfect Swimwear
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Prints are my absolute favourites! There are so many of them out there: feathers, Aztec, geometric, wax, animal and so many others! Prints are so pretty and original. They really can transform an outfit. Yet, prints are not the easiest patterns to wear on a daily basis. Tough styling exercise, I know. So since it is summer, the sun is out (cough cough) and we can wear any colour at the beach, this is the perfect occasion to get print swimwear. You won't have to style your bikini with anything else than yourself! So? Convinced? What are you waiting for? We gathered few super pretty swimsuits we saw here and there. And we did it just for you!
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 Black & White
Black and white are absolute classics! They are perfect for both pale and dark skins. You can wear those colours any 
time! They are like the little black or white dress... but for the beach! And we all know the magic a black swimsuit can do! Yet, we get that monochromatic swimwear can be a bit boring. It is not like it was summer every weekend, right? So you may want to be more creative in choosing your bikini for this summer! Why not keeping it monochromatic yet being bold with a shell shape bikini? Or an asymmetric white bikini? You can also go for a combo! Black and white altogether. Stripes? Jacquard? I guess you can also find aztec prints or any other geometric prints! If in doubt, find some inspiration below.
Black & white
Colour Block
We tend to choose dark colours in winter. Yeah, we want to stay warm. Anyway, it's not like you'll go bikini shopping in winter, right? Except if you go to some exotic islands. Please, don't say anything. Don't make us jealous. Back to our topic. Dark shades for winter but bright ones for summer! No need for an introduction here. Bright colours are a summer must have. If you're bit shy and want to stay simple, go for a monochrome swimsuit. Orange or yellow are great choices. If you want to stand out on the beach, go for something combining several colours (or even stripes, zig-zag and other styles). It looks like you're going on holiday soon. The clock is ticking. Time to decide!
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